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Experience the Next Level in your fantasy football league. Join our Premier League and invite 11 friends for the Most Competitive Version of a Fantasy Football Adventure. For just $150, you can become a 12 team league member and embark on a 22 Week Season Full of Competition from the Draft through the Super Bowl.

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During the regular season the competition begins with your weekly head to head match-ups playing each team in your division twice and the remainder of the teams once. Positioning rounds are designated for weeks 7 and 15 having (1st place vs 2nd place), (3rd place vs 4th place), etc. tightening up the rivalries. Each week you are also playing every team in the overall record. Total points are tallied each week for a running total of points scored as another level of competition. An entire league tournament is scheduled for weeks 16, 17 and 18 when most leagues are dormant, over or already decided, ACME busts into multiple match-ups with an ability to further your end of the season advancement and added prizes. These four competitions evaluates your Regular Season Coach Rating. Last Years Prototype League Standings are Shown Below.

Access Exclusive Features and Prizes

As a league member, you'll gain access to a range of exclusive features and perks that set our fantasy football experience apart. Enjoy premium draft tools, expert analysis, and real-time updates to stay ahead of the game. Plus, brace yourself for the chance to win incredible prizes throughout the season, making your journey even more rewarding.

Players, Waivers and Benches

ACME Real Fantasy Football has Solved the Problem of Unproductive Free Agents Available with Their Unique Benching System. Benches are only used for Injured Players Not Playing or Players on a Bye that Week. This Means Plenty of Quality Players Available Each Week for a Full Lineup. Our Waiver Priority has the lowest Place Teams Selecting first Each Week to Rebuild your Comeback Throughout the Season. All Team have 9 Primary Players. 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2WRs, 1 TE, 1 Kicker, 1 DEF, and 1 ST. If Your Primary Player is on a Bye, Simply Select a Replacement for that Week and put your Bye Player on Your Bench. Drop the replacement back into the player pool the next week or keep him and Make him Your Primary Player. If your Player is Injury Status is Questionable, Doubtful or OUt, You Have the Right to the Next Available Backup from that team at the Same Position to keep until the Injury Status of Your Primary Player is Active. You Decide Which of These Players will be Your Starter for the Week.

Seize the Opportunity Today

Weekly on AMCE Real Fantasy Football the Competition has Most Match ups Being Decided During the end of Sunday or Monday Night Football. Some by only a Fraction of a point. The Race is so close that a Good or Bad Score can Change Your League Standings as Many as 4 Places in a Single Week.

2022 Prototype League Results

2022 Prototype League Results


There is not another Scoring System like ACME Real Fantasy Football. Our Patent pending Scoring System is Based on How the Top NFL Teams Scores.



For less than $0.60 per week, Your 12 Team League will Enjoy 22 Weeks of the Most Competitive Exciting Fantasy Football Experience! Watch Your teams Score Click Up Throughout the Games. Each Yard is Counted for Your Player Down to the 0.01 of a Point.



For less than $0.60 per week, Your 12 Team League will Enjoy 22 Weeks of the Most Competitive Exciting Fantasy Football Experience! Watch Your teams Score Click Up Throughout the Games. Each Yard is Counted for Your Player Down to the 0.01 of a Point.

2022 Prototype Coach of the Year

2022 Prototype Coach of the Year

"Introducing our revolutionary fantasy football scoring system like never seen before! Say goodbye to blowout games and welcome nail-biting, realistic scores. With our patent-pending scoring system, every match up keeps you on the edge of your seat. You're always in the game, experiencing the thrill and suspense until the final whistle. Join us now and discover a new level of excitement in fantasy football!"

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We have been Researching Fantasy Football for Over 30 Years, Out Studies Revealed the Top 12 Scoring teams in the NFL Average Approximately 28 Point per Game. There, it Only Made Sense that a Fantasy Football Team Should Score Approximately 28 Points per Game. Over the Past 5 Years the Top Scoring NFL Teams have Averaged 27.7Points per game. Our ACME Real Fantasy Football System has Averaged 27.7 Points per game in Our Prototype Leagues.

Unveiling the 28-Point Scoring System

No More Harlem GlobeTrotter Basketball Score, ACME Real Fantasy Football Scores like a Real Football Game. Our System is Over 95% Accurate when We Compared Actual NFL Scores to Their respective ACME Real Fantasy Football Score by Putting All the Players from Each Team as a Fantasy Lineup.

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"Stay informed with the latest football news and updates. Get player injuries, transfer news, match previews, and expert analysis to gain a competitive edge. Join now to stay ahead of the game!"

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Apr 11, 2024

Browns, Nick Chubb Agree To Reworked Contract

The Cleveland Browns and star running back Nick Chubb (knee) agreed on a reworked contract for the 2024 season on Thursday to lower his base salary of...
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Apr 10, 2024

Jaguars, Josh Allen Agree On Five-Year Extension

The Jacksonville Jaguars and pass-rusher Josh Allen agreed to a five-year, $150 million contract extension on Wednesday, according to a source. Allen...
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Apr 08, 2024

Holdout Could Be Coming For CeeDee Lamb

The Dallas Morning News' Michael Gehlken suggests that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb could be absent from offseason workouts this month as...
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Apr 07, 2024

Patriots, Kyle Dugger Agree To Four-Year Extension

The New England Patriots and safety Kyle Dugger agreed to a four-year, $58 million contract extension on Sunday, according to sources. Dugger will get...
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Apr 06, 2024

Vikings Very Interested In J.J. McCarthy

With quarterback Kirk Cousins now with the Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings head coach Kevin O'Connell needs a new QB to utilize a talented group of...
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Apr 05, 2024

Panthers, Derrick Brown Agree To Four-Year Extension

The Carolina Panthers and defensive tackle Derrick Brown agreed to a four-year, $96 million contract extension on Friday, according to a source. The d...
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Apr 04, 2024

Deshaun Watson Says He'll Be Ready For Week 1

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson (shoulder) said that he'll be ready for Week 1 of the 2024 regular season after having shoulder surgery la...
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Apr 03, 2024

Texans Acquiring Stefon Diggs From Bills

The Buffalo Bills are trading All-Pro wide receiver Stefon Diggs, a 2024 sixth-round pick, and a 2025 fifth-round pick to the Houston Texans in exchan...
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